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CKAS VRSim Jetpack - Training or Entertainment


The CKAS VRSim Jetpack virtual reality simulators are some of the most exciting simulation devices on the market. These units were originally developed for the supply of simulators to one of the world leaders in jetpack aviation, and have evolved into an exciting and very affordable product available to all markets. These units can be provided as specialised training tools for the emerging jetpack market, or as next generation entertainment devices for theme parks, fun centres or even for the exclusive home.


With a unique custom designed 6DOF configuration to allow the pilot to have a very realistic spin centre, the actual motion felt in this simulator is identical to the real jetpack. Combined with genuine industrial controls and a market leading next generation VR headset (newest model typically used) - this is one of the most realistic simulators which can be experienced.

Visual Environment

The CKAS VRSim Jetpack simulator comes as standard with a full flight simulation package based on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D allowing the Jetpck to be flown anywhere around the world, and with the addition of geo-located specific scenery packs, can be flown in highly detailed localised environments. The simulator is compatible with all high quality optimised scenery packs allowing the user to specialise the environment.

The CKAS VRSim Jetpack can also be supplied with highly specialised custom training environments for unique tasks such as emergency services and rescue, battlfield environments, or next generation gaming environments such as jetpack fighting or arena battle environments.

The types of environments which CKAS Mechatronics can create include (but are not limited to):

  • Specialised manoeuvre training fields with obstacles and time trials
  • Dangerous environments (fire / spills / enemy attack) for emergency and defence training
  • Large rich scenery with realistic or fantasy environments to fly in and explore
  • Jetpack wars gaming style fighting environments or arena battle fields with unique weapons and systems



Some of the key features the CKAS VRSim Jetpack are as follows:

  • Highly specialised pelvis spin centre 6DOF Motion System (Optionally now 7DOF continuous rotation available) and associated washout algorithms designed only for jetpack use
  • Next generation virtual reality head mounted display with the latest high resolution visuals giving a stunning realistic visual environment
  • Genuine industrial controls as used by the real jetpack manufacturers
  • Integrated powerful PC with latest graphics capabilities to provide very smooth head tracking and visual experience
  • [Optional] Instructor Station – independent interface for the instructor who is training the jetpack pilot in training environments


Technical Data

 The technical specifications of the CKAS VRSim Jetpack Motion Simulator are shown below:

System CKAS VRSim Jetpack Motion Simulator
Motion System

Modified CKAS W2 6DOF Motion System with specialised jetpack washout

[Optional] Modified CKAS W2R 7DOF Continuous Rotation  Motion System

with specialised jetpack washout

Visual System

Highly immersive latest generation virtual reality head set with full motion tracking

Power Requirements

1 x 200 - 240 V AC @ 10 Amps regular GPO (typical power)


High End PC capable of running full game engine visual options with latest generation

Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display

Game Engine Software

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D

[Optional] CKAS Custom
Motion Envelope

2100mm ( 6'11" )
2100mm ( 6'11" )
2500mm ( 8'3" )


See also the CKAS MotionSim VR simulators (similar form factor).

  • CKAS VRSim Jetpack Data Sheet (Coming Soon)

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