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MotionSim5 Series

CKAS MotionSim5 Flight Training Devices offer the ultimate level of fidelity and flight experience available in any FTD worldwide. These are primarily targeted at larger flying schools, aviation colleges, charter operators, airline and military training centres interested in building higher capacity pilots with genuine airmanship skills in advanced normal and emergency procedures including UPRT and Disorientation. These incredible devices offer many features often only found on full flight simulators (FFS), including the all new 7DOF motion which is especially designed to train for UPRT, Loss of Control and Disorientation Training - not even available on Full Flight Simulators. These units are not simply part task trainers - they can be used effectively to teach a person how to fly, under normal and emergency conditions. The CKAS MotionSim5 units must be experienced to be understood fully.

Boasting full 6DOF or even 7DOF motion, very high fidelity cockpit replica, huge 200 degree wrap around display, full force digital electric control loading, and support for up to 5 people inside, these devices truly offer the ultimate flight simulation experience.

Available in both “Generic” and “Type Specific” format, the MotionSim5 devices can service any need from ab initio to airline training, and the relatively low initial cost of ownership makes them commercially viable through all phases of training.



Quality and Design

The MotionSim5 flight training devices are quite simply the highest quality and fidelity flight training devices on the market. These units are essentially small scale full flight simulators, and offer all the features and even more than an FFS. The MotionSim5 units are built to the highest and strictest standards, and offer a level of fidelity which is typical only in devices costing many times more than these units.


General Layout

The MotionSim5 flight training devices feature a very realistic inner cabin within a larger enclosed outer structure to house the extensive visual system, all together mounted on a 6DOF or 7DOF motion system to give that incredible synchronised "out of window" feel only usually found on genuine full flight simulators. This effect increases the realism dramatically and is far superior to other devices which have no motion or a visual system split from the cabin.

The MotionSim5 flight training devices are available in familiar Generic “Glass” format, and additionally in “Type Specific” configuration for the most serious training requirements.



Generic Cockpit Configuration

The Generic Cockpit Configuration offers a versatile array of aircraft types in a single device. Flight models and cockpit configurations include single piston, twin piston, twin turboprop and twin jet all in one device, allowing for all types of pilot training, including MPL.

Based on a reconfigurable familiar glass cockpit layout and removable hardware, the Generic MotionSim5 can easily and quickly change “class” within minutes offering wide training and income opportunities.

CKAS Generic MotionSim5 FTD’s can be certified to FAA Level 4, EASA FNPT II MCC, CASA Cat B or equivalent.


Type Specific Cockpit Configuration

CKAS offers the MotionSim5 in a Type Specific aircraft configuration for the most serious training syllabus. CKAS often works closely with aircraft manufacturers (such as Cirrus) to provide type specific simulators using all the genuine equipment (such as the Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 pictured below). If the genuine cockpit or instruments are not available, then CKAS reproduces excellent high fidelity replicas of the aircraft type desired.

CKAS develops the certifiable flight models of a type specific simulator using the original manufacturer flight data, or if unavailable, gathers the required data internally.

CKAS Type specific MotionSim5 FTD’s can be certified up to FAA Level 6 or equivalent.


Motion System

The CKAS MotionSim5 units come standard with a full 6 degree of freedom motion system to offer excellent certified motion cueing. In a world first, CKAS now offers the MotionSim5 units optionally with 7DOF motion, a typical 6DOF but with infinite rotation capability. This technological leap forward was developed to provide the world’s only proper ground handling (the simulator constantly matches the aircraft heading), to allow advanced UPRT, Disorientation and Loss of Control training and syllabus, and to provide proper motion for rotary wing aircraft. Once CKAS 7DOF is experienced, there is no going back - even to an FFS with only 6DOF.

These key advanced features allow a training college to actually teach airmanship and flying skills including UPRT, Disorientation and Loss of Control Training in a simulator, instead of only IFR procedures. The MotionSim5 7DOF is an essential tool for any serious training organisation wanting to address the key current concerns in airline training. 


Control Loading

The CKAS Control Loading system is a high force digital closed loop force control system which can replicate all the sensations felt on the genuine primary flight controls and trims. Every disturbance, force, sensation and feeling which the pilot feels in the genuine aircraft can be reproduced. The Control Loading system is manufactured to a fidelity which conforms to Full Flight Simulator Level D fidelity, and is simply best in class for this level of device.

CKAS sources or gathers the genuine flight forces from the aircraft in order to guarantee the absolute highest fidelity.


Visual System

The CKAS MotionSim5 units come standard with an onboard large panoramic front surface projected visual system covering a huge “out of window” field of view. The blended and warped seamless display offers a true perspective correct visual field of 200° horizontal x 40° vertical for the pilots. The visuals are perspective correct and horizon correct, not requiring pilots to look "up" at the horizon, but realistically "out of the window" instead, to allow for positive learning outcomes, and to efficiently train pilots in visual procedures.

Optionally, CKAS now offers FFS level Vacuum Mirror Collimated display visuals on new MotionSim5 devices - another major leap forward in pilot training from ab initio to airline pilot.


Instructor Operating Station

As with a typical Full Flight Simulator, the CKAS MotionSim5 comes with an onboard integrated Instructor Station which is attached to a movable seat. The Instructor can not only position themselves into the ideal vantage point to fully oversee the flight operations, but additionally, the extensive controls are also positioned with them, allowing superior administration of a flight training session. Additionally, starting and powering off the entire MotionSim5 flight training device is as simple as a single button press with the inovative CKAS "Smart Start" located in the instructor bay, also saving valuable time.

The Instructor Station on a simulator can often be the difference to how effective it is as a training tool and CKAS has ensured it is the most effective on the MotionSim5 devices. 


Size and Space Requirements

The MotionSim5 flight training devices are as compact as possible for the full size features they offer, and incredibly, need just 7m x 7m (23' x 23') to operate in with a 3.6m (11'10") ceiling. Standard single phase 200-250V power (not 3 phase) is required, and a typical industrial concrete floor is sufficient. The unit is designed to allow any serious flight school or training college to accommodate this device without needing a huge sim centre facility.


Reliability and Support

The MotionSim5 flight training devices are completely based on Commercial off the Shelf (CotS) technology, meaning that the life of the product is superior. All equipment is at least 3rd generation in design and implementation and the reliability is absolutely key in ensuring a flight school or training college will have the ability and resources to ensure the device shall have a very long operational life, and continue to generate revenue and income well into the future.

CKAS supports all devices with a revolutionary online maintenance and support program, allowing CKAS to help the client stay operational under all scenarios.



The CKAS MotionSim5 flight training devices can be certified to type specific or generic categories as applicable, in any location or under any authority worldwide. Please see earlier sections above about specific certification categories.



Clearly, many different configurations are available in the MotionSim5 range, and therefore all quoting is performed on a case by case basis - it should be noted however, that CKAS is committed to all aspects of flight training from ab initio, general aviation to airline training, and the value of our MotionSim5 range is truly cost performance curve changing technology.

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