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MotionSim1 Series


CKAS MotionSim1 Flight Training Devices offer an outstanding level of fidelity and flight experience for entry level flight training. These incredible devices offer many features which are most useful for effective flight training but are often lacking at this level.

Boasting full professional 6DOF motion, very high fidelity dashboard replica, huge 150 degree wrap around display, full force digital electric control loading and trims, these devices truly offer an amazing flight simulation experience at the flying school level. These units are not simply part task trainers - they can be used effectively to teach a person how to fly, under normal and emergency conditions.



Quality and Design

The MotionSim1 unit is a very high quality simulator with a cockpit which looks, feels and behaves as a real aircraft.

CKAS has used quality components often found in real aircraft to create an excellent replica and not an “artist’s impression” of an aircraft dashboard like so many other simulators at a similar level.

From the moment a student steps into this unit, they will feel as though they are at the controls of an aircraft, be presented with a representative dashboard of an aircraft, feel the sensations on the controls as they would in the real aircraft and of course feel the motion cues they would get in an aircraft - only possible with true full 6 degrees of freedom motion (6DOF).

The MotionSim1 unit offers low cost, high realism, full motion and excellent aircraft representation - all essential features for quality ab initio training.


Configuration and Layout

The MotionSim1 series come in one basic configuration as pictured and include all the features required in a simulation device used for training in a flight school or aviation college. These devices are designed specifically to replace all the older fixed base simulators, with the next generation cutting edge training device. These units offer an unparalleled value not available in any other device world wide, with pricing models developed with smaller training schools in mind.

The MotionSim1 series are available in both “Generic Conventional” and “Generic Glass” format, the MotionSim1 devices can represent a piston single or piston twin in “steam” driven or familiar glass format. Utilising only a small amount of room (even with full motion), the MotionSim1 devices offer unparalleled value to the smaller flight training establishments.


Motion System

All CKAS MotionSim units are mounted on a 6DOF Motion System - for the MotionSim1 units, CKAS uses the zero maintenance, well proven and ultra reliable W6s. This motion system produces a super smooth high fidelity response to give you ALL the important cues when performing flight training. This unit is true full motion - true 6 degree of freedom.


Control Loading

The MotionSim1 devices come with high force digital control loading with linked trims essentially identical to the larger MotionSim5 devices. For the first time, a flying school or aero club can actually teach genuine flying skills in a simulator, instead of only IFR procedures. The MotionSim1 is a most valuable tool.


Visual System

The MotionSim3 flight training devices come with reliable LED or LCD panel visuals spanning across 3 displays and offering a true perspective correct visual field of 150° horizontal x 30° vertical for the pilot. The visuals are perspective correct and horizon correct, not requiring pilots to look "up" at the horizon, but realistically "out of the window" instead, to allow for positive learning outcomes, and to efficiently train pilots in visual procedures.


Instructor Operating Station

The Instructor Operating Station (IOS) is off board the MotionSim1 device, and is located on a desk nearby the device. This allows excellent one on one training between student and instructor, and allows very close capacity building training sessions.


Size and Space Requirements

The MotionSim3 flight training devices are as compact as possible for the features they offer, and incredibly, need less than 3m x 3m (9'10" x 9'10") to operate in with a 2.4m (7'10") ceiling. Standard single phase 200-250V power (not 3 phase) is required, and any floor is sufficient. The unit is designed to allow any flight school or training college to accommodate this device within their existing facility.


Reliability and Support

The MotionSim1 flight training devices are completely based on Commercial off the Shelf (CotS) technology, meaning that the life of the product is superior. All equipment is at least 3rd generation in design and implementation and the reliability is absolutely key in ensuring a flight school or training college will have the ability and resources to ensure the device shall have a very long operational life, and continue to generate revenue and income well into the future.

CKAS supports all devices with a revolutionary online maintenance and support program, allowing CKAS to help the client stay operational under all scenarios.



The CKAS MotionSim3 flight training devices meet or exceed the requirements of all governing bodies worldwide under certain categories. As a general guide, these devices can be certified to the following standards (or equivalent):

  • CASA FSD-2 Cat B



The CKAS MotionSim1 have been specifically designed as a replacement device for existing fixed base lower cost simulators, and as such, CKAS is sensitive to the limited budgets of many smaller flying schools. These units are intended to provide all the next generation features in a single training tool to allow aviation colleges the opportunity to train their students to the highest level. These units are affordable, and high fidelity, making them the best value solution.

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