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Flight Simulators

CKAS Mechatronics produces the most sophisticated and advanced Flight Training Devices (FTD) in the world. Our MotionSim series of FTD's feature all the most important features of a Full Flight Simulator, with a price targeted at the general aviation level. Our simulators feature Full 6DOF or now even 7DOF electric motion, completely accurate replication of the aircraft cockpit of any type, full electric control loading, wide view complete surround visual systems, and many more FFS features in an FTD price.

Our Full Flight Trainers are designed to meet the FAA, JAA, ICAO, EASA and CASA standards, and are easily certified anywhere in the world. For more specific information, click on the links below.

CKAS Mechatronics are experts in Robotics Design Engineering and can tailor a solution to your specific requirements. If you would like further personal discussion on your requirement, please either fill out the online Contact Us Form OR call on +61 3 9338 4919.