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Motion Systems / Motion Platforms

  1. Who are CKAS?

    The best way to describe CKAS is with our Company Brochure.
  2. Why do CKAS manufacture fully electric motion systems / platforms?

    Electric motion systems are the best way to build an efficient, cost effective and high performance / fidelity motion system. They are clean and absolutely whisper quiet. They have no dangerous hot oil, or noisy pumps, and so they are suitable for office environments, and have many safety features built in. There is no better way to build a motion system in today’s day and age.
  3. Why do CKAS not produce 4DOF and 5DOF motion systems / platforms as standard?

    Although we do sometimes produce these units as special orders, we do not make a habit of it, since we can usually produce a 6DOF high fidelity unit, for a similar price as our competitors’ 4DOF and 5DOF units. Essentially most 4DOF and 5DOF units on the market suffer from rigidity problems, and as such as a general rule, we DO NOT recommend them.
  4. What version of software do CKAS motion systems / platforms support?

    All CKAS motion systems support the following (growing) list:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    • Laminar Research X-Plane 9 / 10
    • ISI rFactor 1.255+, rFactor 2
    • iRacing
    • Many other X-Sim supported games (eg Dirt 1/2/3, LFS, Grid, F1 2010/2011/2012 etc...)
    • Generic UDP high speed interface – for any user specific application (includes Washout algorithms and direct drive of the platform)
  5. Does CKAS provide low level motion system drive capabilities for the motion systems?

    Yes we do. All our motion systems come with a very detailed interface control description which allows the user to have very low or high level access to the machine.
  6. Can CKAS motion systems / platforms be used commercially?

    Yes, the main use of CKAS motion systems and simulators is for commercial high throughput use.
  7. Does CKAS provide the “Washout Filters” or “Acceleration On-Set Cueing” algorithms?

    Yes, our algorithms are of the highest fidelity anywhere, and we provide them WITH all the motion systems. All other manufacturers expect you to pay large sums of money for these algorithms. The CKAS filters were developed as part of a PhD thesis, and as such, are of the most robust algorithms on the market. The accuracy and fidelity is so high that they can be accredited for full flight simulation.
  8. Why are CKAS motion systems / platforms higher fidelity than other units on the market?

    Our motion systems are of the highest fidelity, rigidity and robustness. The accuracy of the systems is such that they can be used for extremely accurate training application or entertainment. Our motion systems have been given some full flight simulator credits by aviation governing bodies, a feat not matched by ANY manufacturer in our class. All motion systems are NOT the same.
  9. How much technical knowledge do I need to develop a simulator on a CKAS motion system / platform?

    In terms of mechanical engineering or electronics for the motion – essentially none! We have done ALL the hard work, so other companies and individuals can focus on what they are good at instead. However, that is not to say that putting a cabin on a motion system is trivial. Much technical expertise is required to make a successful build, and some basic understanding of mechanical concepts is required, especially about mass and moments of inertia. If you are not sure what is involved, you probably do not have the expertise, and if this is the case, we recommend you buy a “turn-key” simulation platform system or even a complete simulator.
  10. How difficult are CKAS motion systems / platforms to maintain from international locations?

    Since CKAS Mechatronics motion systems are built almost entirely from Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) components, remote debugging (with CKAS Mechatronics stepping the client through any problems) and replacement of parts is usually trivial. Any local machine repairer or technical expert can very quickly access any problem (with the help of the included documentation) and order any required replacement parts. The components on the units are all industrial standard parts, which have been, or will be in production almost indefinitely.
  11. Does CKAS Mechatronics offer quantity discounts on motion systems / platforms and simulators?

    Yes! We offer savings on quantity purchases for motion platforms / systems, and even full simulators. Our quantity prices start from 3 units (not specifically of the same type either).
  12. What does the warranty on the CKAS motion Systems / platforms cover?

    The motion system warranty is a limited 12 month replacement part warranty. This means that CKAS will replace any failed components on the motion systems for 12 months after purchase if they have abnormally failed through normal use. Specifically, the following items should be noted:
    • The warranty covers poor workmanship and manufacturing defects.
    • The warranty does not cover failure of components from wear and tear.
    • The warranty does not cover failure of components due to misuse.
    • The warranty is a “return faulty part to base” warranty.
    • The warranty does not cover labour, shipping of components or travel costs to client site.
  13. Are CKAS motion systems / platforms located worldwide?

    Yes! There are CKAS motion systems / platforms in EVERY CONTINENT IN THE WORLD (except Antarctica – watch this space). Our units are installed on flight simulators, vehicle simulator, theme park ride simulators, military tank simulators and other systems.


  14. Can CKAS produce a custom simulator to client requirements?

    Absolutely! One of our key strengths is the ability and skill set to produce a custom simulator and software to meet your requirements. This is not just flight simulators or motion simulators. This includes simulators for ALL industries, including mining and military. We have been involved in Military RADAR simulators, long bore drilling simulators, deep sea diving simulators and various other types of simulators. CKAS Mechatronics is unique in the skill set it holds and we can make any simulator to meet your needs.
  15. Can CKAS design and manufacture other types of simulators (not vehicle or flight)?

    Absolutely! As mentioned in the previous point, some of our key strengths lie in the ability to produce mathematical models and simulated systems for any industry, not just flight simulators or motion simulators. In the past, we have been involved in Military RADAR simulators, long bore drilling simulators, deep sea diving simulators and various other types of simulators. CKAS Mechatronics is unique in the skill set it holds and we can make any simulator to meet your needs.
  16. When should the 2DOF option be used, and when should the 6DOF option be used on a motion simulator?

    Ideally, a 6DOF unit should ALWAYS be used, but in reality, price often prohibits these systems from being integrated into many simulators. As a rough guide, the following list can usually apply
    • Vehicle Entertainment Simulator – can use 2DOF, but there will be a difference
    • Flight Entertainment / Private Simulator – can use 2DOF, but there will be a significant difference
    • Helicopter Simulator – must use 6DOF
    • Training Simulator (flight/vehicle/train) – must use 6DOF
  17. Can the CKAS simulators be used commercially?

    Yes, the main use of CKAS motion systems and simulators is for commercial high throughput use.
  18. Does CKAS help with the local authority accreditation process?

    Yes! When you purchase a simulator from CKAS Mechatronics, we assist in all the documentation requirements from a technical perspective so that you will pass your accreditation process. This point is particularly useful to clients looking at investing in flight simulators.
  19. Can the CKAS Turn-key motion simulator kits be used as an OEM by other simulator manufacturers?

    Absolutely! We have developed our turn-key based “kits” or systems with the intent of providing them on an OEM basis. If you are a simulator manufacturer, and you currently do NOT provide a motion simulator option, then this is by far the BEST way to enter the marketplace with a highly refined unit. CKAS Mechatronics has done ALL the difficult engineering in order to allow you to focus on developing the inner workings of the simulator.