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CKAS "T" Series 2DOF Motion Platforms

CKAS Mechatronics manufactures professional quality 2 degree of freedom (2DOF) motion platforms / systems specifically targeted at low investment – high performance applications. These entry level motion platforms provide an unprecedented value solution for many motion simulator applications, which may not require a full 6DOF unit. 2DOF Systems

Some of the most common applications for 2DOF Motion Platforms / Systems include:

  • Low cost Flight Simulators for Academic and Research Institutes
  • Low cost military, Driving and mining simulators
  • Consumer Ride Simulators (vehicle or flight)
  • Domestic and Home Flight and Driving Simulator cockpits

Our 2DOF units have been developed under the same stringent standards as our full 6DOF professional motion platforms, and as such carry the same high fidelity performance, and quality of design and build.

One key difference is that the CKAS 2DOF motion platforms have some performance optimisations in the washout algorithms to compensate for the fact that only 2 axes (or 2 degrees of freedom) are simulated. Amongst other optimisations, the 2DOF software features what is known as “high pass emulated heave”, which captures many of the key high frequency “heave” channel cues and injects them into the simulation through the pitch channel. The end result is a 2DOF motion system which can compete with many 3DOF and 6DOF systems on the market in terms of performance.

As with all our Generation III capable motion systems, the T Series units have real-time Reverse Kinematics, Forward Kinematics and Full featured Washout Cueing Filters all completely "on-board" meaning that any client application can operate these systems at even the "vehicle acceleration" level completely independent of any other software (See Gen III Connectivity Matrix document for more information).

As with all CKAS motion systems or motion platforms, 2DOF platforms come with the following key features:

  • Fully Electric Actuation
  • USB plug and play (with Ethernet as option for completely platform/OS independant control)
  • Instant connection to many games and programs "out of the box" (see the full game and simulation program supported list here)
  • Basic Serial over USB or optionally UDP (over Ethernet or Local) interface for immediate connection to custom software
  • Very high speed update 100Hz motion controller for extremely smooth high fidelity response 

If an application is to have excellent fidelity at a low investment cost, the CKAS “T” Series 2DOF motion platforms are by far the best value alternatives on the market.

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: The T Series units have changed in size and capability recently. Please Check table below for latest improved architechture and design suited to fit smaller scale and more compact simulators of heavier payloads.

Standard units in the CKAS “T” Series 2DOF Motion Platform family:


CKAS T5 2DOF Motion System

CKAS T10 2DOF Motion System


Pitch-Roll Crank Arm


Fully Electric

PC Interface

USB 2.0

PC – Controller Update

100 Hz

Power Requirements

220 – 240 VAC 1ɸ – 7 amps

220 – 240 VAC 1ɸ – 12 amps

Approx Dim’s (parked)




1540mm ( 60.6”)

 1540mm ( 60.6”)


1540mm ( 60.6”)

 1540mm ( 60.6”)


750mm (29.5”)

750mm (29.5”)

Approx unit weight

220 kg

270 kg




Payload Mass

450 kg (1000lb)

900 kg (2000lb)

Payload Moment of Inertia

250 kg.m2

400 kg.m2




Angular Axes

Displacement , Velocity , Accel

Displacement / Velocity / Accel


±18o , ±30o/S , ±300o/s2

±12o , ±20o/S , ±200o/s2


±18o , ±30o/S , ±300o/s2

±12o , ±20o/S , ±200o/s2


Note: Custom units of ANY payload and specification can be designed and built to meet specific customer requirements. Please contact us for further information.

For more answers and information please read our Technical Section and FAQ, or alternatively, contact us with your query.