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CKAS Mechatronics has perfected the T2s 2 degree of freedom (2DOF) Motion Platform or Motion System, specifically directed at very low cost small scale motion simulator applications, such as commercial simulators, consumer coin-operated arcade entertainment simulators, home built flight simulators or home built racing entertainment simulators   

The CKAS T2s 2DOF Motion System (pictured complete with wheel kit to the right) features a mere 96kg total weight, 800mm total width for easily passing through doorways, and sits only 300mm high, therefore eliminating the need for any specialised stair or gangway for stepping up onto it. CKAS has used the knowledge it has developed for the heavier motion systems to design this unit, incorporating industry leading electronics, encoders and actuators. The expected life of the T2s is extremely high for its price point, and the maintenance requirements are minimal, especially important in commercial or consumer based applications.  The target market of the CKAS T2s 2DOF Motion System can be any of the following single seater applications:

  • Small Scale Commercial Vehicle and Truck Driver Training Simulators
  • Small Scale Mining Equipment Simulators and Heavy Earth Moving Equipment Simulators
  • Small Scale Train Driver Simulators
  • Next Generation Unsupervised Coin-operated Motion Simulator Arcade Machines
  • Home Built Flight Simulators
  • Home Built Car Racing Simulators

CKAS T2s Motion Platform (ready to use) - (T2sMP)

 Ideal for OEM manufacturers of existing simulator products or home builders who are looking for a cost effective method to instantly add motion to an existing or new design. This unit is pre-built to CKAS standards, and is USB plug and play straight out of the box. The only assembly required is to bolt on whatever goes on top of the motion system. This unit comes with a 1 year faulty part return to base warranty (does not cover wear and tear)

Below is a video of the CKAS T2s in action on one of our other award winning products, the CKAS Thruxim! (Please note, the Thruxim is a separate product, please follow the link to find out more)





 Optional Extras Available for the CKAS T2s 2DOF Motion Platform:

  1.  Wheel Kit (4 wheels) which can be raised and lowered to allow easy transport of units

 All the above variants of the CKAS T2s 2DOF motion systems come with the following key features:

  • Fully Electric Actuation
  • USB plug and play
  • Instant connection to many games and programs "out of the box" (see the full game and simulation program supported list here)
  • Provision for emergency stop and emergency pause switches
  • Very high speed update 100Hz motion controller for extremely smooth high fidelity response

CKAS T2s Motion System parameters:


CKAS T2s 2DOF Motion System


Pitch-Roll Crank Arm

Actuation Fully Electric

PC Interface

USB 2.0

PC – Controller Update

100 Hz

Power Requirements

200 – 250 VAC 1ɸ – 5 amps

Approx Dim’s (parked)



800mm ( 31.5”)


1180mm ( 46.5”)


300mm (12”)

Approx unit weight

96 kg



Payload Mass

220 kg (500lb)

Payload Moment of Inertia

75 kg.m2



Angular Axes

Displacement , Velocity , Accel


±8o , ±18o/S , ±160o/s2


±8o , ±18o/S , ±160o/s2


See also the U2s 3DOF Motion System (same form factor) and the W3s 6DOF Motion System (similar form factor)

Important information for Potential Customers:

Before purchasing any motion system product for home use from ANY manufacturer, please consider the following very important information, especially when considering competitor products to the T2s.

  • Robustness and Professional Design - CKAS systems are used by companies such as NASA USA, Australian Defence Forces and other Military contractors. Our systems are very serious in construction and design, and we use only the finest German Actuator hardware to make sure the system works as it has been designed. Our machines are all designed by professional engineers who are trained in developing robot structures, which are designed not only to "work once", but rather to endure fatigue, and perform for a long time with high fidelity. Many competitor systems are simply built by enthusiasts who have some great ideas, but lack the engineering skills to "design and manufacture" a system for consumer or professional use.
  • Realistic Simulation - All CKAS motion simulation algorithms are of the highest academic quality. Our algorithms are certified in commercial driving and aviation simulators, and offer the highest fidelity and response. Many competitor devices which require an independent screen that is not mounted to the motion system are not producing a simulator at all and are inappropriate for use by serious enthusiasts. This is especially bad when a large angle swing is also integrated into such units as it is HIGHLY unrealistic to be accelerating and trying to see the TV in front of you when you are tilted back and looking at the ceiling.
  • Replacement Parts and Spares - CKAS systems are designed with almost entirely "commercial off the shelf" (COTS) components, which are provided by large scale multinational manufacturers. This means that sourcing spare parts for our systems long into the future will be trivial, since the use of commercial technology ensures high life times and support for spares. Most of our competitors will "fabricate" or cobble together "special" actuators from flimsy components like small stepper motors and DC hobby motors and expect them to service continued use. The sourcing of spares in this case will be required often and will be very difficult.
  • CE Conformance - The CKAS system conforms to the stringent European Standards and Directives for use in the Eurozone. Our system must pass hundreds of tests involving Essential Health and Safety and Machine Design directives, and also comply with Electromagnetic Emission Standards. If you plan to import a competitor system into Europe, which does not conform to CE directives, it will most likely be stopped by your Customs Office.

For more answers and information please read our Technical Section and FAQ, or alternatively, contact us with your query.