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CKAS (CASA Cat B / FAA Level 3  / JAA FNPT II)

This exciting new range of flight training devices from CKAS Mechatronics revolutionises the industry standards of commercial flight training. These units offer incredible fidelity at sensational value, replicating generic categories of aircraft, primarily single and twin piston. These units are not simply part task trainers - they can be used effectively to teach a person how to fly, under normal and emergency conditions. The CKAS MotionSim units must be experienced to be understood fully.

Below is an example of a CKAS 6DOF MotionSim1 Generic unit delivered to one of Australia's leading aviation training colleges.






The MotionSim1 series come in one basic configuration as pictured and include all the features required in a simulation device used for training in a flight school or aviation college. These devices are designed specifically to replace all the older fixed base simulators, with the next generation cutting edge training device. These units offer an unparalled value not available in any other device world wide, with pricing models developed with smaller training schools in mind.


All our MotionSim units are mounted on a 6DOF Motion System - for the MotionSim1 units, we use the zero maintenance, well proven and ultra reliable W6s. This motion system produces a super smooth high fidelity response to give you ALL the important cues when performing flight training. This unit is true full motion - true 6 degree of freedom.


All MotionSim1 units are supplied with the proven CKAS YokeLDR professional control loading system. The control loaders are extremely high fidelity electric servomotor based control loaders which are typically found on multimillion dollar full flight simulators. The feel of the control loaders can only be described as "identical to the real thing", offering very large amounts of force, on all three primary axes, at just the right time.

Further to this, all our simulation devices also come equipped with our high force PedalLDR Rudder Pedal units for very high fidelity on the runway and in critical emergencies.

All MotionSim1 units come with the most realistic trim system on this category of device available world wide. The true feel trim system on all axes, behaves exactly like the real aircraft, allowing the pilot to "trim out" the aerodynamic forces in the controls. This system feels as close to the real aircraft as possible.

Cockpit Configuration

The cockpit configuration is obviously one of the most critical components of any flight training device. For the MotionSim1 devices, CKAS has decided to offer these systems as standard with 2 different cockpit configurations, in order to cover the largest amount of requirements from a typical aviation school. All the MotionSim1 devices model a generic single piston aircraft (behaves very much like a PA28RG) and a generic twin piston aircraft (behaves very much like a PA44).

 The different cockpit configurations are:

  1. Generic Conventional - Conventional Instruments layout, ideally suited to aviation schools with older fleet of aircraft.
  2. Generic Glass - G1000 replica instruments layout, ideally suited to aviation schools with newer glass fleet of aircraft.


The CKAS MotionSim1 have been specifically designed as a replacement device for existing fixed base lower cost simulators, and as such, CKAS is sensitive to the limited budgets of many smaller flying schools. These units are intended to provide all the next generation features in a single training tool to allow aviation colleges the opportunity to train their students to the highest level. These units are affordable, and high fidelity, making them the best value solution.

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