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CKAS Mechatronics specialises in Simulation and Robotics Design Engineering, including all aspects of Simulation with particular focus on Aviation and Driving Simulation development under stringent ISO 9001 StandardsDownload our Company Brochure.

17 Mar 2017

CKAS commences work on heavy weight 5000kg 6DOF motion system - the W50 6DOF to be manufactured along with several other 6DOF units for Warner Brothers for use in an upcoming feature film.

03 Feb 2017

CKAS releases new SimCorDX software for the newer GenIII motion systems to allow support for very high level features, including real time actuator dignostics, and many more natively supported simulaton titles.

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CKAS MotionSim5 7DOF Flight Simulators

World's only true UPRT, Loss of Control and Dissorientation training full motion 7DOF Flight Simulator - the only way to increase pilot capacity in a simulator is now available from CKAS 

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